Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Yes, I know, I know. It's benn awhile. Wanted to let everyone know bedwetting is over. Knock on wood. Thanks everyone for yor suggestions. Am now back in fundraising mode for 2006 Tour de Cure. Also have been itching to be more of an advocate for people with diabetes. S.1955 really scares the hell out of me! I don't think we are in any position now to take steps backward. If we have to start focusing our energies in the same places we did 20 years ago I feel that we will never see ourselves moving toward a cure. If you haven't taken action on this legislation please contact your Senators ASAP. The bill will be voted on this week and there appears to be strong support in the Senate. For information on S.1955 go to advocacy.diabetes.org. In short, this bill will allow insurance providers to charge companies more for insurance if they employee diabetics and people with other serious diseases and allow these providers the option of covering diabetic supplies. Currently 46 states protect these rights. Act Now! Don't forget the revolution!