Saturday, December 17, 2005

Start the Revolution!

True to my word I am back for another week. This week I had the pleasure of meeting a parent of two of my students whose daughter was recently diagnosed and started on an Animas pump. Same endo, same cde, same pump. In the spirit of the gift of information I was given last week I paid it forward and offered this woman freedom of phone calls and emails to answer any questions. And all of us parents know that there will be questions.

The revolution starts now. It is time for a drastic change in the way diabetes is viewed in this country. It is time to step up and prepare the people who are living the the dLife. As I have said and written before, I believe that we all have an opportunity to make a difference: by spreading the info. we have, by searching for a cure, by supporting education of diabetics and parents, and for screaming our heads off when the governement tries to legislate away ours and our children's best interests. Again, we can focus on ourselves and our children or we can do that and go out and make a difference. The best way to do this in my estimation is to network with the people who are on our team. To create a revolution of understanding and support; of fighting and gritting our teeth but mainly a revolution of information. The Revolution Starts Now. Pay It Forward.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Okay, Now I'm Back

Maybe I wasn't really back the last time but I'll try harder. Diabetes strikes again and this time in the form of bedwetting. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. The pediatrician told us it might be psychological. The new CDE didn't have any course of action. My wife is tired of washing sheets and I need a good nights sleep. This leads to why I am back to posting. My blog buddy and fellow Type1 parent Sandra at A Shot in the Dark was able to offer some insight. Which brought to mind why I started this event anyway. Support, understanding, exchange of info., etc. I just wanted to make a public thank you and a promise to all the bloggers to do my part. As always be well.