Sunday, November 06, 2005

I'm Back

I realize its been awhile but I've been super busy. The pump has been interesting. It's like a grand puzzle. What caused this what caused that, can we change the basal? the ICR? Wow!!! We were stable for a whole week and then the time change. Silly adult caregivers that we are we forgot to change the time. Erattic of course! Does the Fed know what difference an hour makes to the pumpers? Add that to the list of reasons to get rid of the madness that is DST.

Halloween! Fuhgettaboutit! Start by tossing everything that can't be counted into the Boscov's bag. (They trade candy for gift certificates). Continue by saying "NO" at least 40,000 times and limiting the menu for the Autumn Festival Party at School -- why don't they just call it the Get Hopped Up On Sugar And Send'em Home Massacre? (That makes you feel good as a parent). Follow up by having high bgs anyway because of late nights and excitement. Then finish it off with a nice visit to your friendly dietitian who offers that you need to eat more vegetables and less fat. Great holiday this is. Cant wait until HighCarb Thursday at the end of this month and Sock Your Sock Full of Sugar Day the following month.

Until Next Time! Season's Greeting -- No, I really mean it! I love this time of year! Did I mention that The season that is "Hot Chocolate" is just down the road.

As Always, Be Well!!


Blogger Sandra Miller said...

Good to hear from you! I was wondering how things were going for you all with the pump.

Sounds like you've caught on pretty quick-- your puzzle analogy is an apt one.

And Jeff, it also sounds like you've kept your sense of humor, which (as I'm sure you know) is so very key in all of this.

Take care,


7:14 AM  

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