Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Pump

Over the last several weeks I have learned that i know very little if anything about diabetes. The knowledge gained through pump classes has been tremendous. The work is tremendous. The stress is tremendous. Olivia started on saline on 8/1. Insulin starts Monday. Changing the set has taken us back to when Olivia was first diagnosed: screaming and crying, running away when she knows its time to change, etc. Otherwise I think she thinks its kind of cool. She struts around with it hanging on her shorts and swim suit. Even the tiny Animas seems huge on her little body. Questions: Anybody have any great ways to hold the pump during sports? What about swimming? I am appalled at the cost of these accessories. I'm thinking of a little side business. How can they charge 29.99 for a neoprene Sport Pak for a pump and 12.50 for the same item only it is used for an mp3 player? My mother sewed some simple carriers with belt loops out of scrap materials. One dollar maybe.