Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Team Olivia Update and Misc.

It's been awhile and much is happening in our little diabetic corner of the world. First, we received word today that TeamOlivia was the highest fundrasing team in the local Tour de Cure. Just shy of 15000 dollars. Way to go teamand all of our supporters!!!

Also, last week Olivia's pump arrived via UPS. Everyone here is filled with excitement and anxiety. We went with the Animas 1250 because of the small increments and the small size. It's tiny. Thank God I don't have to pay for this thing. Beaucoup dollars. Olivia seems ready to get hooked up. She starts on saline August 1 and on insulin August 8. We still have much to learn. We have been meeting with the dietician regularly to improve our advanced carb counting skills and will meet with DE three times before P-Day. I think it will be worth it. I don't think I'll miss all those syringes and I'm sure Olivia won't.


Blogger KWeaver said...

Congratulations on the Animas. I love mine and have nothing bad to say about anyone there at Animas.

I skipped the glucose thing.


2:02 PM  
Blogger Sandra Miller said...

Congrats on all the fine work you and your family have done in your fundraising efforts! $15,000... Amazing!!

And Ditto on Kathleen's comment. Joseph is crazy about his Animas pump. Loves the size, and flies through the menu system like a pro. And I don't know how we could have worked with any other pump-- we still take full advantage of the tiny increments of insulin this pump is capable of giving him.

One thing you may want to look into is a different pump case. If Animas is still sending out the leather one with the velcro flap, then expect that the velcro may wear out within a few months. Animas sent us a new one just two months after Joseph started the pump. Same thing started happening-- as the velcro became worn, the pump would fly out of the case if Joseph was running around a lot. And, he really wasn't fond of the hard case that Animas provided as an alternative.

I recently ordered a zippered neoprene case (which Joseph likes because he can fit a small bag of glucose tabs in with his pump) through Ryan also got him a really cool cell phone case in which the Animas pump fits perfectly. Also, I just saw a case very similar to the one I got from PumpWear over at the Fify50 Pharmacy site for a lot less money.

Jeff, I'm happy for all of you. The pump will make such a difference in all of your lives. Although you and your wife will be doing a lot more work (especially in the beginning), Olivia will have a ton more freedom.
And no more shots!!!!

10:16 AM  
Blogger Shannon said...

Welcome to Pump World. Once you guys are used to dealing with the pump, you lives will have a feeling of normalcy. Eating as much as she wants, when she wants, sleeping in, illnesses are easier to manage.

You'll see what I mean soon enough.

7:44 AM  
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Blogger KentT said...

Hi Marc,

Congrats on the success of Team Olivia. She'll love the Animas IR 1250. I use one myself. My wife and little 3 year old are also Animas pumpers and love theirs. If you need any advice about dealing with Type 1 toddlers, email us.

3:30 PM  

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