Friday, June 24, 2005

D.C. with Diabetes

Hattie and Olivia(r) blending in with the locals at the National Zoo. I told Olivia we should have taken pictures of her getting her BG checked in famous places. Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Of Cuts and Scrapes, Tears, and Team Olivia

Well, The Tour is over and not without price. While soaring down a mountain that I had just toiled to top of with Crazy and Sonic, a fearless wasp zoomed into my path and stung me on the bottom lip. In the panic that ensued I wrecked my bike and Sonic couldn't stop fast enough and he wrecked too. Both of us were pretty bloodied. The thought went through my mind that my Tour was over. This was at mile 23. 42 to go. We decided to try and make it to the next rest stop and get medical attention before making any decisions. You know the thoughts that went through my mind: Olivia, the Team, the lessons learned from persevering. It wasn't really a hard decision to continue. The weather was hot and humid. And being pretty slow, by the time we got to some rest stops they were out of gatorade and water. Through the last about ten miles I started to get emotional. Dedicating each mile to a year that Olivia would have to live with diabetes. At one point Crazy said, "remember why we are doing this." and the tears started to fall. I fought them back but every once in a while the emotions would surge over me and I would be fighting back tears again. As we neared the finish line-exhausted and bloodied-I could see the line of black and gold Team Olivia Tshirts lining the finish line and I could no longer hold back the tears. My kids, my mom and dad, the team who had supported us and raised an ungodly amount of money - at least 14,000 dollars - all waiting. I was especially touched by the people that waited several hours for us even though they didn't really know me or Olivia until this Team Olivia thing took off. It was a hugely emotional moment.

So to Team Olivia, thanks and we'll see you next year.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Tour De Cure Deadline

The bike ride is this Saturday. I have been guilted into riding the 100K. I don't know if I am in good enough shape but I have decided to dedicate the effort to Olivia. I talk alot about the work and perseverance (my favorite type 1 descriptor) that Olivia must learn so I feel the need to lead by example.

Our team total stands at 9989 dollars this A.M. I have little doubt that we will eclipse 10000. With a little work over the next couple of days we could make 12000. I know my competitive side is coming out but I think this team is awesome. 12ooo dollars to go to the ADA is phenomenal. And I am just the average guy who decided to step up. I saw Brad Pitt on tv last night and he was talking about just that. The need for everyone to step up and make a difference. He talked about how the poor of the world don't chose poverty and anyone of us could have been born in a poverty stricken region. Same goes for diabetes. We didn't choose to have a diabetic daughter but we got one and that is our calling to make a difference. My team definitely will make a difference. Wish us well.

Don't forget, you can still donate online at Chose sponsor a rider in the right banner, select Pennsylvania and then Boiling Springs, and then type Team Olivia in the team name category, after that you can click on my name and it will give you directions on how to donate. My final pitch ;)